Contact us for any question in domestic electrical installation. Our electricians can advise you for any installation, whether for electrical circuits or electrical leads, smoke detectors or for home automation. Compliance and electrical certificate is delivered by each intervention.
Our electricians are competent for any type of electrical installation. Whether in a building,industrial complexes, commercial surfaces and business surfaces or residential, we are ready for any place! We work closely with the best brands of pipe productions and equipement. With the experience of our installers you can be sure that the installation is correct, we will also deliver an electrical certificate when we make a new electrical installation.
We can be proud to have the best electricians in Belgium. Not only do we collaborate with the best brands, but the workforce quality of our installers is an added value that you can not ignore. Your installation will be done with the utmost care. And this for any desired installation ; switch, meter, earthing, circuit breakers, electrical lead or an entire circuit.
Are you having a breakdown? Is your household appliance not working anymore ? Or does the problem come from your fuse bord ? Or maybe you don’t even have a clue ? Have your freezers, containing your entire stock, suddenly turned off ? Our experts will help you to avoid the disaster!
Having a smoke detector in every room is critically important. We offer high quality detectors compared to those you can find in your local supermarkets. Our electricians will take care of the proper installation of your fire detectors. We offer great packages if you want to replace or set alarms throughout your home / building.
Installing an entrance intercome or a videophone allows optimal control of your visits. This device is often installed incorrectly and after a short time it becomes unusable. Whether it’s the display thats does not work anymore, or problems hearing your visitor or maybe you can’t even open the door anymore. We can fix your problem and if it is better for you, we will replace the system quickly.

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Our clients opinion

I had received 2 other technicians, who only made a mess, but now my problem is finally solved ! Thanks House Care !
Mary, Tervuren

After the expertise, you repaired everything on time and the work has been done with a lot of care ! I’m very happy with the result !
Christine, Brussels