Glazing is a business that is acquired with experience. We assure you that our glaziers will take care of your glass replacement with the utmost care. Whether due to an accident or te make an entire placement of double glazing. We are your perfect partner !
In glazing, it is a type of glass that is used little, but it is still a great solution for smaller budgets. We offer single glazing of superior quality to ensure optimal thermal and sound insulation.
Double glazing is the most effective way to save your money! This glass allows better heat and sound insulation through the air gap, which is a much better insulator than glass itself. If you have more questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our glazier will be happy to advise you.
Mirror manufacturing does not only consist in placing a mirror. We can handle any type of mirror surface, so we are able to adjust the glass to the matter you wish to use it for. Maybe more privacy ? Glazing with or without tin, for example. Our glaziers have an excellent eye for your needs and will be happy to advise you.
Your children have been playing football too close to the window again ? Do not panic! Just call us and our glazier is on his way to take the measures of your broken glass. We can handle all different kinds of formats. And thanks to the close cooperation with our suppliers, our glaziers will handle the replacement glass in the shortest time.

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Our clients opinion

I had received 2 other technicians, who only made a mess, but now my problem is finally solved ! Thanks House Care !
Mary, Tervuren

After the expertise, you repaired everything on time and the work has been done with a lot of care ! I’m very happy with the result !
Christine, Brussels