Contact us for any kind of intervention, whether it is for an emergency in plumbing, an unblocking or a water leak. We are also available for your sanitary installations,bathroom renovations or for drainage works and ditches.
Plumbing has no more secrets for Housecare! We can ensure the most efficient team of installers, licensed and qualified plumbers for any sanitary installation. We offer our services for a good quality/price report that you can only find here. Simply call us 0493 60 80 70 and a Housecare plumber is already on his way to your home !
In plumbing, repairs are often neglected, this mostly leads to disaster situations where a veru qucik response is a neeeded. With the experience of our licensed plumbers, we can solve the problem in the shortest time and avoid you any future repairs. We find a final solution and this within your budget. Our emergency plumbers can be contacted at 0493 60 80 70.
Want to change ? We will be happy to advise you for any kind of bathroom installations. We can renovate the complete room or partially. We have the perfect answer to your problem. Does you bathtub take too much space and you want to replace it with a shower? The toilet was placed in an impractical way, so a suspended toilet would be better? Your taps are not economical at all ? Do not hesitate to contact us for an offer, which will be offered in case of acceptance!
A blocked toilet can become a hassle, but we are available at any time to unblock your pipes. As the specialists of unblocking, we act quickly (emergency). It can be your ditch, your kitchen sink, your toilet or bathtub. Each pipe will be treated (unblocking and / or treatment and / or cleaning) with the greatest care by an experienced Housecare unblocker. Call us today for any type of pipe!
The detection of a leak is not within the reach of any plumber. Our plumbers regularly use infrared cameras and moisture detectors that find the source of the leak. A leak can have many consequences, causing unpredictable damage. After we found the leak we find a way to solve the problem permanently and water leakage will only be a bad memory!

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Our clients opinion

I got an appointment 2 days after I called for my required maintenance, before I left my apartment ! Very quick service !
Richard, Ixelles

I had received 2 other technicians, who only made a mess, but now my problem is finally solved ! Thanks House Care !
Mary, Tervuren